Secrétariat du Club : 06 80 96 62 96

The club

The 403 Club is an association "Law 1901" nonprofit whose statutes were filed April 16, 1984 at the Prefecture of Haute-Garonne.

This association aims to promote encounters and exchanges between lovers Peugeot 403 and defend the material and moral interests of these people. No segregation is made between different types of 403 nor between the environments where they are appreciated.
Club's motto "nothing but the 403, but all the 403 ..."


    Give each member the means to maintain and troubleshoot his car through courses and practical training of mechanics and by providing extensive documentation on the 403 we have the complete catalogs of spare parts for the 403 and Peugeot workshop documentation, plus a whole bunch of various technical documents, and pubs of time. This should give rise to an Encyclopedia of 403!
    A stock of parts. There is already considerable: estimated end of 2011 to 50 000 € to 980 references, including rare pieces, consumable parts cheaper, seals, etc.. For this we maintain a file of proposals purchase / sale and places retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, obtaining reductions interesting we have now parts 20 to 60% cheaper than current commercially.
    Restart production of parts became untraceable, giving some label "Quality Club".
    Maintain a file purchase / sale of vehicles and parts. You can place an ad permanent condition of being at least a supporting member of the Club.
    An inventory of 403 extant. We want to bring together all lovers of the world 403.
    Provide appropriate insurance, at attractive prices.


    Help develop a local region, equipped mechanical, bodywork, paint, parts inventory and documentation. Test and approve repairers, dealers and garages.
    Purchase and maintain 403 remains the property of the Club and will be a perfect example of what can be a 403.
    Organize a Tour de France 403, once with a large number of cars. Participants will be welcomed by the various local branches of the Club.
    Crossing the Sahara (roundtrip) with that which was called "The Queen of the Desert". Meanwhile, several projects are underway raids.

EVENTS: Scholarships for parts, fairs, rallies, exhibitions and various meetings between us and the outside world. Around Pentecost, we organize a concentration of 403 lovers, joining the Club or not. Several regional or local are also held throughout the year.


    A newsletter is sent to all active Members There is news of the Club, the progress of projects, tips and techniques, and research proposals or parts information, historical documents, in short, everything which, directly or indirectly, refers to the 403.
    There are many objects derived from our passion: t-shirts, stickers, (recognition sign), pins, mugs, keychains, miniatures, cards, etc ...
    In addition, if you sell your 403 without using the Club, thank you to inform the buyer and vice versa let us know that your 403 is no longer for sale and bought it.